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Perméation de vapeur
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Distillation / Pervaporation, analogies et différences

The separation principle governing pervaporation is a combination of selective sorption/solution and diffusion.
The fractionation process is mainly due to polarity differences, and not to the volatility difference of the components in the feed.
It differs significantly from distillation, which depends on differences in vapour liquid equilibrium relationships.
Pervaporation can be considered in situations where distillation is impossible, difficult or uneconomic - mainly for systems that demonstrate azeotropic behaviour.

Filtration / Pervaporation, analogies et différences

sur une membrane poreuse
sur une membrane dense
Mechanisme flux convectif entre les pores diffusion dans la membrane
Critères de séparation Taille des pores / taille des molecules Affinité chimique entre le produit et la membrane
Force motrice Différence de pression Différence de tension de vapeur

Pervaporation modes

Pervaporation and vapour permeation are similar membrane-based separation processes whose basic difference lies in the physical state of the feed stream:
The Feed is a liquid for the pervaporation and a vapour for the vapour permeation.

Process Feed Permeate
Pervaporation liquid vapour
Vapour permeation vapour vapour
Gas Permeation gas gas
Reverse Osmosis liquid liquid